The INDIGO robot operates as a pilot at the Cultural Centre "Hellenic Cosmos", at a specially shaped experimental exhibition with data from the virtual reconstruction of the Ancient Agora of Athens. It is based on an innovative approach, which combines the ability to perceive space and movement in it with the synthesis of natural and not pre-recorded language. In other words it can comprehend elements of natural language and provide respective information about the exhibits or other elements that have been stored in its databases, while guiding the visitors through the area.

INDIGO is the meeting place of a lot of different technologies: robotics, analysis and creation of natural language, reading and synthesis of voice, recognition of questions, creation of personalities, natural movement in the area, recognition of gestures and realistic simulation of a face.

INDIGO started its pilot operation in the framework of the project in the last months and in February 2010, at a specific date, is going to be presented to the wide public.

The coordinating organization of the project is the Foundation of Technology and Research and participate, apart from the Foundation of the Hellenic World and the University of Edinburgh, University of Freiburg, Athens University of Economics and Business - Department of Informatics, National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos", the University of Geneva and the companies Neobotix (Germany), Hanson Robotics (USA) and ACAPELA Group (Belgium).